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8 Totally Must Haves For Any Bunker

Posted on November 09 2016

You live underground in a 10x10 concrete room.  It's safe to say you have some names for this one.  Like Phillip who keeps stealing your turn with the rubber band.
When you are heating up the water for your coffee with some mechanism Phillip made with an old pair of underwear and some rat bones, it's safe to say you want it to stay warm as long as possible.  Your S'well bottle achieves this and, bonus points, reminds you what wood looked like!
3. CubebotThis little fellow can help you strategize about weak points on the robot armies marching above you, unaffected by the nuclear winter, plus he's a super fun puzzle that can keep you entertained for hours!
I know, I know, we're all trapped down here for the next 10-15 years but sometimes I want to take my turn with under the blanket to pretend I can't hear you breathing.
Can't cower under a blanket if you don't have one!
Incredibly comfortable, soft and durable.  When you only get one shirt for the next  decade you want it to be one that will last!
A great companion for your journal and the soft lead won't easily break on the concrete walls.  These days aren't going to count themselves!
Make the most of your time and write that concerto you've been talking about for years!


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