Drifter combines two of our favorite things: Ohio and well made, vintage-inspired bags.

A little hidden gem out of Cleveland, Drifter started their operation in 1977 as a parachute manufacturer. Eventually deciding to put their talents with nylon to more widespread use, they designed a few bag prototypes and eventually settled on a 1000D cordura (basically the waxed canvas of nylon; super durable and almost mpossible to tear) base with webbed accents. They flew under the radar for the next few decades, mostly producing bags and selling to outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, until they started getting an ever-increasing from Japan, having to open up a Japanese office just to keep up with demand. As it usually happens, their popularity in Japan grew and grew until it spilled back over into the states, and now they’re one of the leading manufacturers of domestic bags in the entire USA.

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