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Gift Guide: Niki's Picks

Little Big Trivet $22  Stop being embarrassed about serving hot dishes on dirty oven mitts when you have company!  This colorful trivet’s dowels can slide making it the perfect size for a teapot or a large casserole dish!  When you aren’t using it, hang this beauty up on the wall or roll it into a small log to store neatly in a drawer.

Brass & Enamel Ring $18  The weight on these brass rings makes them a perfect statement piece that can also double as a weapon.

Raw Silk Infinity Scarf $48  Each of these scarves is hand dyed in Chicago through a process that makes each one unique.  I love the weight and nubby texture of this material.

Vanessa Leather Gloves $58  These gloves are from the brand Numph from Denmark where they know a thing or two about cold weather.  Its amazing how much more put together you will look if you choose a nice leather glove over those stretchy $1 ones from Target that you keep in your glove compartment.  Go in, try it.

Vintage Roe Deer Trophy $68  We got these guys from an old hunting lodge in Germany and each is labeled with the year and place that they are from.  The dates range from 1929-1956!  Mine is hanging in my kitchen, but they look great in any room.

Field Notes Ruled Pack $9.95  I always keep one of these notebooks handy in my purse and car to jot down everything from merchandising ideas to grocery lists.

Rebecca Hooded Coat $240  This is another piece from Numph of Denmark.  I’m a wimp about cold weather and having a huge bear of a coat to keep me warm is the only way to live through the Ohio winter!  The sherpa lining and faux fur fringe make this one extra comforting.

Brass Ladder Necklace $44  My husband actually got this necklace for me before we starting carrying the brand in the shop.  I love it because its simple and subtle enough to go with everything but interested enough to get compliments every time I wear it.

Sage Perfume $45  These perfumes are small but mighty; made from the highest quality essential and fragrance oils, they contain no water or alcohol.  You can apply this fragrance in the morning and it will stick with you through the day.

Dalmatian Sweater $90  I’m a huge dog fan and the wrap around intarsia on this sweater with the puppy on the back is kind of irresistible!  I also really love wispy texture of this sweater and the slightly oversized cut.

Baggu Leather Tote $160  Everything in the Baggu leather collection feels like butter!  This bag is no exception and I love the simple silhouette of this style.

Ruler Bottle Opener $18  A good bottle opener is another one of those entertaining must-haves.  Yes, your guests probably do know how to open a bottle on the edge of your counter but, come on, let’s be adults here.

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