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Like many American heritage companies, Woolrich was founded by a weaver immigrant from England. Unlike these other heritage companies, however, Woolrich is the longest, continuously running woolen mill in the United States, dating back to 1830. In that time, Woolrich has been there through countless wars and moments in history, and can claim a mind boggling number of products that remain ubiquitous in our daily lives even now. The use of zippers on pants, the buffalo check pattern, and the railroad vest are all inventions of the brand, and in addition to their iconic blankets still remain popular. Instead of just capitalizing on their rich history, Woolrich has continued to innovate and differentiate themselves, improving their technology, expanding their namesake line and adding sub-lines, and collaborating with incredible designers like Daiki Suziki (of Engineered Garments) and Mark McNairy on their high-end Woolrich Woolen Mills line, furthering their reputation not only as the makers of classic, quality outdoorswear, but as a fashionable, nimble, and formidable brand that can compete with even the trendiest, most modern of companies.

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