Box Of Fun Sh*t

A box designed to lift anyone's spirits. It's filled with stuff they (or you!) will love for years to come. 

You'll get:

1. Small Gradient Puzzle - This fun but challenging puzzle is just what it sounds like. A gradient that gently moves from one color to the next. Fight through your frustration as you develop your strategy. Colors vary. 

2. Retro Paratrooper - Like the arcade favorite but greatly improved. This high quality version with a tangleproof parachute will have you searching for the highest point in your home or office in no time.

3. Saguaro Crystal Cactus - Watch a crystal cactus grow before your eyes!

4. Sunprint Kit - Magical (okay science-ical) paper that creates an image of whatever you place on top of it through the power of the sun.

5. Magic Butterfly - More magic! Wind it up and place it inside a book to surprise and delight whoever opens it next!

6. Awika - This crazy windup creature climbs over just about anything... AND SHOOTS SPARKS! 

7. Surprise Ball - almost like another gift box of fun stuff, unwrap it to find a bunch of surprises!

8. Elastic Cube Puzzle - Wooden cubes, an elastic band, and only one solution. 

9. Nanoblock Kit - like veeeeery small legos. This tiny kits pack in a ton of fun. Don't let the size fool you, you'll want to plan at least an hour to get it done and might want to have your favorite breathing app handy. Ships assorted. 

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