Swear Jar

Our filthiest gift box. Have a friend that always has to ask if they are on speaker before they tell a story? Someone you wish you had a bleep button for? Someone that ALWAYS shares that article about how people that swear a lot are smarter? This box is for them. 

You'll get:

1. Sticker Statemtents: Fuck - 40 small bumper stickers featuring four different designs.

2. I Will Buy The Shit Out Of This Shit Coin Purse

3. Fucks Vending Machine Magnet 

4. Here's Your Gift Motherfucker Gum

5. Oh Shit AND Shit List Sticky Notes

6. Bitch I Am The Secret Ingredient Dishtowel 

6. Bucket List / Fuck It List Mug

8. Get Your Shit Together Notepad 

9. SH#T Smily Face Enamel Pin 

Comes packaged in a lovely kraft paper box with filler. 


Please note an actual jar is not included. 

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