Tree Hugger Gift Box

Let them know what a source of inspiration they are to you or help them along in their aspirations to make more planet friendly choices. 

Inside you'll find:

1. La Marche Produce Bags. French style net produce bags. No more trying to get that blasted plastic bag open for your fruits and veggies. These lovely reusable bags are better for the planet and take that trip to the grocery up a notch. 

2. Dryer Ball Set. These wool balls will save you energy while drying your clothes up to 30% faster. As a bonus you can add a few drops of essential oils to scent your laundy!

3. Standard Baggu. We have sold Baggus or something like ten years now. We've sold thosands of them and several other versions of reusable, packable totes. These remain the one thing both my wife and I keep in our cars for shopping and pack in our luggage for extra space on trips. It will become a mainstay in the life of whoever is lucky enough to recieve this box. Color ships assorted. 

4. Reusable Beeswraps. Beexwax covered cotton cloth to replace plastic wrap. No more little cuts from that awful edge. No more fighting to un clump the plastic when you just need to cover the end of the cheese. This three pack in the most popuplar medium size will handle most jobs you throw at it. 

5. Travel Straw with Brush. A telescoping copper straw with matching brush that fits in it's own little case to keep it safe and clean! Say goodby to guilt and paper straws!

6. Reusable Utensil Set. A full setting of flatware in an easy to clean silicone case. Just about any take out scenario is upgraded with real silverware. 

7. Lunch Tote.  Even though our boxes are made from recycled materials and they and the filler are recycled, it didn't feel right putting this box in a box. So it comes in a reusable, insulated lunch tote made out of recycled billboards! Please note each tote is unique. 

Consider adding a card and we'll be happy to fill it out for you.