Welcome Home Gift Box

Build your own housewarming gift box with some of our favorites. Add three or more items and you'll automatically get 10% off the whole box. We'll wrap it up in something that makes sense for what you select and if you want we'll ship it right to their (new) house!

You can chose from such indispensible things they probably don't have like:

The Popper.  A collapsable, reusable, microwavable popcorn popper that makes perfect popcorn everytime with no mess!

Ice Cube Tray. If you aren't already making your ice in a silicone tray with a lid you probably don't even realize just how much freezer taste is making its way into your drinks. These cocktail sized cubes are super clear and super clean.

Keychain. We've added a few of our favorite keychains as options. They'll think of you everytime they open the door to their new place!

Candle. Choose either an Enamelware or Lolli candle (or both, we won't stop you) from a bunch of amazing and interesting scents. 

Burned Bridges Plate. I don't know I just really like this plate and a lot of other people do to. Kind of hard to work it into the rythm here but they'll like it!

Scout Mug. Goes great with the plate or on it's own. A great mug with a great saying for great coffee. Or mediocre coffee too. It holds all sorts of coffee and won't judge you. It might also hold tea.

Matches.  A decorative box of matches to light that great candle.