Work From Home Gift Box

Working from home can be amazing! But it's also easy to used a crappy pen, boring paper clips or a back of an envelope because "you are the only one who will see it." We often overlook how much joy using nicer office priducts brings us. Who doesn't produce better work when they are happier? 

You'll get:

1. Affaires Du Jour Pad - One of the most challenging aspects of working from home can be keeping a schedule. Keep that desk looking great and your schedule top of mind with this beautiful pad. 

2. Retro Pen Set - Five retro inspired pens that look stylish and write beautifully.

3. Hand Held Stapler - How cool is this thing! Beautiful and durable in retro colors (ships assorted) and even comes with a box of staples.

4. Paper Clips - Speaking of keeping things held together, fun shaped paper clips in interesting colors. 

5. Acrylic Scissors - Clear handles and shiny gold blades will have you searching for something to cut up. 

6. Desk Pad - An elegant pad to upgrade those notes. 

7. Eraser Pencil Stand - There is something satisfying about writing with a pencil. Always have one at the ready with this eraser stand.