All That Matters Is The Card

Do you want to know the one piece of advice I give to stressed out gift givers, more often than anything else? 

All that really matters is the card. 

I love gifts and it's true that a thoughtful, well timed gift can do a lot for a relationship but why are we giving them? We're trying to say something to the recipient. We hope that the item conjures up some memory you shared, one you hope to create, or signals that you know something special about their personality. 

Sometimes it's easier and even more significant to actually just say something. I can think of a few cards I received unexpectedly over the past few months that continue to bring me joy. In fact I can more easily remember the contents of the thoughtful cards or hand written letters I have received from friends and loved ones through the years than almost any gift. 

And I bet you can too.

You have the power to make someones entire day, maybe week, better right now by collecting your thoughts about them, writing them down and putting them in the mail. It doesn't even need to be a card. Seriously, just grab a piece of paper out of the printer if that's all you have laying around and tell a friend you're thinking about them. 

But if you do want a card, we happen to have a really amazing, growing selection of them and if you buy six or more you'll save 10% so check them out! 

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