Four Masks, One Hair Dryer, And Eight Candles

We are pretty serious about masks. Like... annoyingly serious about masks.The reversal of the mask mandate (in Ohio)  for retail was one of the leading factors for us staying closed to the public for the time being. We know we can (and will) have a mask policy for our own store but I gather you have seen the headlines with employees being put in dangerous situations while trying to enforce these rules. We’re confident enough that you all are just early adopters and that the rest of the country will soon embrace donning a mask to protect their fellow Americans.

It's unfortunate that the initial commentary on masks was inconclusive and has continued to feed a false narrative that they are not effective. The data, however, continues to pile up that countries with mask mandates are doing much better than we are in just about every regard as it pertains to this fight. As we've been selling an awful lot of masks the last few weeks (THANK YOU!) we thought it might be helpful to put together a little video comparing the abilities of several common types of masks to limit how far air travels. It's rudimentary but hopefully it will serve as an easy visual to convey the message.

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