Valentine's Day Gifts Made For Experience


We try and only sell things people will actually use. I love to give experiences as gifts but there is still some amount of importance in the object, the unwrapping and, if you do it right, the remembrance of you and the event every time the gift is put into use.

These are my top picks for valentines day gifts along with the experience I would add in.


1. Contour Pour-Over Coffee Pot

You will love the feel of this pot. It's sturdy stoneware with an elegant matte black finish and best of all it's dishwasher and microwave safe! It's such a great way to give a little upgrade to someone's morning routine that doesn't take up a ton of space. Even if they don't have time every morning, they'll certainly think of you on the occasion they bust it out and be grateful for having a cup that's at least a little bit better than their drip coffee would have been. 

Obviously a bag of beans from their favorite shop would be an easy add-on. If you want to up your game get a bag shipped from a coffee shop you guys visited on a memorable trip. One of our favorite local shops One Line, offers cupping classes where you can learn even more about coffee and how to brew the perfect cup. 

2. Two Minute Mornings Journal 

I really love this thing. It's so simple to use and I do it every morning. It offers simple prompts in three sections. What are you going to let go of, what are you grateful for and what are you focusing on. It really only takes a couple of minutes every morning and forces you to really think about your day before it begins so you spend less time wondering what you need to work on because you've already identified what's important to you that day and makes you more conscious of the little things to be grateful for throughout the day. 

As an experience beyond just doing the journal itself, it can be fun for a couple or even work team to do together, either filling out one journal or making the results public in some other way. It can really offer great insights into what motivates the other person. 


3. Tiffin Food Storage Container 

Bright, cheerful and useful! Originally designed as a way to safely (for the food at least) cart food around the busy streets of India, tiffins are an excellent way to take your lunch on the go as well. 

These are a great way to have little sub-gifts hidden within since you have three separate containers in one. You could easily design a little tour of the best Indian spots in your town by having a gift card in each. Or get a recipe for their favorite dish and have the dry ingredients in each one and then cook the meal together!


4. Peg - A - Message

This handy little board is a great way to post your favorite messages or get the message out at your home or office. While on it's face it's not the most romantic gift it could be used in a couple of fun ways. Obviously you could have their favorite quote or something about them already installed in the board before you wrap it. I love the idea of using it as the means to deliver the message about the experience gift "we're going to Paris!" or maybe something more cryptic like "meet me at this address at 7pm" and have a private chef lined up to make your dinner. 

5. Intention Capsule Necklace 

I just love these things. I'm pretty big on personal development so the idea of keeping your goals and intentions in focus is important to me. The act of writing down your intentions and wearing it as a reminder to you any time you see it in the mirror or feel it around your neck can be powerful.

A great way to add a little experience to this gift would be to write a love note, or series of love notes that they can scroll up and wear with them whenever they wish. Or, like the message board, it could be a really fun way to reveal a bigger or more experiential gift. They are hopefully going to open it up the second they get it just to see how it all works so the act of having a message or prompt already held within could be exciting. 


6. Make It A Double Dish Towel

This one is too easy and you probably don't need prompts but this can be a great add-on to their favorite bottle or get them a gift card to that splurge cocktail bar or restaurant for a night out and a physical reminder to hang in their kitchen. If you really want to go all out book a teacher to come to your house and give you a private cocktail lesson. 



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