Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

We're here to help you celebrate the moms in your life. Bio-moms, adopted moms, stepmoms, that mom in your life that is just doing a really great job and needs to hear it... These are some of our top mom gift picks. 


1. TOPO Mountain Utility Tote - This thing is packed with features. It's got an expandable liner that cinches closed with a drawstring to keep your gear secure, a large front pocket with a zipper closure, a carabiner clip, removable padded shoulder strap and it's made out of durable, lightweight, ripstop nylon. 

It was hard to choose just one TOPO bag for this list so make sure you check out our full assortment from bike bags to backpacks, chalk bags to duffles we have it!

flowers in glass container

2. Dried Flowers in Glass Vessel - We've got a wide assortment of delicate dried flowers in glass containers. These are a beautiful symbol that will outlast any fresh bouquet. They look great on desks, nightstands or bookshelves. 

Rose prints

3. Vintage Rose Illustration Print - If the dried flowers weren't your scene we have another option for you. Two beautiful rose prints from vintage science texts. 

4. Chips Mug - Why is this a great gift? It's a best selling mug that we can't keep in stock and is easily the best mug in our house. If she doesn't already own this mug this plus her favorite beans or tea is a safe and sweet bet. 

5. Fancy Chocolates -  Like a really nice mug, really good chocolate is one of those simple pleasures that most people just won't buy themselves. Meurisse is Belgium's oldest chocolatier still producing. It's all traceable, single origin chocolate being made in a century old factory, by the same family, the same way their great-great-great-great grandparents did. Raaka is unroasted, traceable, and made in Brooklyn. Both are fair trade meaning you can consume it with a clear conscience. 

beetles & bugs vase

6. Beetles & Bugs Vase - Alright I guess I wasn't quite done with flower suggestions but this one is more about the vase. This vase from Rifle is a stunner. If you can't make it to a florist or farmers market just head to Trader Joes on the way and drop them in here. 

7. Kitty Cat Clock - Everyone's favorite cat clock but a lil bit smaller. Be hypnotized by his tail and eyes. Or course we stock the full sized, Original Kit Cat Clock in a big array of colors and black as well!

cookie stamper

8. Customizable Cookie Stamper -  This one requires a bit of additional effort but you can use this cookie stamper to write your own custom Mother's Day message right on her favorite cookies!

9. Baggu Fanny Pack - The ubiquitous hip pack, wear it on your hip, wear it as a front sling, back sling, change it throughout the day... Not feeling the Tumeric? We have A LOT of Baggu to choose from!

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