One Card Order, A Glimpse Into A Life

I am often amazed and touched by the orders our customers put together. Particularly with the cards. You can really get a glimpse into how complex and dynamic life is. Things can seem so one dimensional right now. All hope or all despair. These orders are a refreshing reminder to me I wish everyone got a chance to see on a daily basis. 

People often buy a lot of cards at once from us. Maybe they are just stocking their card drawer so they are prepared but I like to think they have someone in mind for all of them. Look at this assortment as just one example of an order. It has joy and sadness. They are celebrating a new baby and offering sympathy for a loss. They are congratulating someone because people are still doing great stuff, worthy of praise. They are wishing someone luck on an endeavor. They’re thanking their neighbors for being supportive, telling their dad they love them, just saying hi, celebrating multiple birthdays and much more. 

All in one beautiful group of simple little squares of paper. All of those thoughts and all of that love.

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