Our Top Ten Fall Essentials

It was hard to choose just ten and I might have snuck a few other suggestions in but here are my ten(ish) favorite products for fall. 



1. Magic Fire Sticks. These turn any fire into a dazzling display. Sure orange, red and yellow are nice and all but once you add green and blue to the party, look out!

2. Mocca Master Coffee Maker. Make a damn good cup of coffee from a damn good looking coffee maker. We've had one of these in our house for a couple of years now and I swear it brings me joy every single time I walk into the kitchen. But now that the weather has turned cool that inherent comfort of the first cup of the day is felt even more. 
3. Mexican Blanket. Soft, durable and timeless in loads of colors. Perfect for getting cozy by the fire. 
4. Red Flask W/ Canvas Cover. There is something amazing about the way the bold red pops against the natural covered canvas. The canvas also makes it easy to grip if you've had one too many swigs...
5. Beverage Cooler.   If you're more of a cold drink by the fire type this is a great way to keep your hands warm and dry while keeping your hands warm. The textured finish also helps with holding on and the weight reduces the likelihood you'll knock it over with your feet.
6. Spicy Hot Chocolate. If the fire and the blanket aren't doing the trick, this gourmet hot chocolate is sure to. Cinnamon, vanilla and ancho chili is added for a kick. 
7. Not Spicy But Still Incredible Hot Chocolate. If you're looking for something equally indulgent but without the kick, you should still give this dark hot chocolate a try. You won't miss the Swiss. 

8. Cedar Candle. As the sweet florals of summer drift away we gravitate towards stronger sets and this Cedar Candle is one of my favorites. Truthfully this is my favorite sort of candle and it was hard for me to choose. The Ash candle being a close runner up. 

9. How To Raise A Loaf.  There is a reason everyone is falling in love with making sourdough at home and you can too! Now that the heat is finally starting to roll off, it's safe to turn that oven on and get baking!

10. Sea La Vie Bathbomb.  I love a cold shower as much as the next guy (okay probably a lot more than the next guy, read why here) but I also love a hot bath at the end of a long day. Our bath bombs are made in the USA with natural ingredients and incredible scents. 


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