The Charley Harper Collection

By Rebekah Cagle

Charley Harper was a Cincinnati-based artist, who is known for his distinctive, minimal realism paintings of insects, plants, birds, and animals that he loved to observe in nature. Harper’s illustrations are based on bold geometric shapes, crisp lines, and jolts of unmodulated color.

This collection features puzzles ranging from 300 to 1,000 pieces, all printed with illustrations that Harper created for various conservation organizations, including the National Park Service and local nature centers in Ohio, among others. These skillful yet playful pieces have become some of his most-enjoyed works. Every one of Harper’s illustrations offer a different perspective of the animal kingdom, showcased through a jigsaw puzzle with excellent color reproduction and sturdy construction.

Piecing together a work of art by an artist you admire is such an intimate way to become closer to and feel a greater sense of appreciation for them and their craft. Each of Harper’s illustrations are engagingly intricate and captivatingly unusual, with so much to take in all at once. Analyzing them in this format allows you to appreciate the thoughtfulness of every shape and detail in Harper’s work. Once completed, these puzzles look great framed and hung on a wall to preserve not only the stunning art, but the achievement of successfully sorting through and fitting together a pile of hundreds of tiny little pieces.

This collection of puzzles perfectly captures Harper’s renowned adoration for the outdoors, along with his lifelong dedication to conservation efforts across the nation.


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