The Physical Store Is Closed

For over 13 years, with a few exceptions, we’ve been open every day but Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter. Starting in mid March, we weren’t open until July.

And now we won’t be at all. 

The months we were closed provided space for some neccessary reflection. A few years ago Niki (my wife and partner) and I went through an intense program to dig into why we were in business and and help identify what we hoped to accomplish. That really solidified for her that our children’s store, Cub Shrub, was where she needed to focus her attention. She (along with her amazing team) has gone on to create one of (I think THE but I am not exactly unbiased) the best independent children’s stores in the country. 

I left that program knowing I needed to make some sweeping changes to Tigertree, ironically the ones we are making now, but lacking the courage to do so. 
I like clothes. I like the apparel business. There are people I’ve gotten to work with, some for ten years or more that I really like. I complain about the trade shows but, honestly, I like them too. I like how efficient I am at it after doing it for so long. And so for those, and so many other reasons, I just kept going.

Something in the back of my head kept telling me it was time to focus on the thing we could be the best at and that is gift. 

So yes, I am sad about closing the storefront but that is way more than made up for by how excited I am about the future. I feel like we have a reason for being again. Giving gifts is so needlessly stressful. We’re going to help everyone make that easier. 

Too many gifts end up in landfills. They are the products of hours, sometimes weeks of searching that ends with an exasperated “I guess this will do.” We want to end that. Even if the products are not from us, or not products at all. We want to help people learn how to find the joy in being more intentional about the way they form or strengthen connections through gifts. 
With our brick and mortar officially closing, the work can now fully begin on the next chapter of this business. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of you have reached out over the past couple of months to share your stories of the shop over the years. So many have made sure to let us know that you’re excited to keep supporting us online. It means a lot that you put that much trust in us that we can basically say “hey we’re going to turn this business into something totally different now” and have you all say “cool, we’re here for it.” 
You have all provided so much support to us on a personal level since this transition started.  Many of you have been with us since the beginning, almost fourteen years ago when we were just a couple of kids in a not-quite-a-storefront in a not-quite-alley. Some of you are new around here and we hope we’ll get a chance to earn your trust over the next fourteen. 

We’re putting everything we have into this. We know what an impact gifts can have on relationships and we need those connections now more than ever. We can’t wait for you to see what we’re building and so glad you’re here for the ride.

-Josh Quinn

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