Three Reasons I Think This Mug Is Perfect (And You Will Too)

Most nights after dinner we put our helmets on, my five year old hops in the sidecar and we head down to the river so she can feed the ducks while I skip rocks and drink tea from this mug. 

Every so often a product comes along and every member of the team falls in love. I mean unwavering, absolute, across the board, love. There are items that one or two of us love and use, and everyone sees the utility and quality, but the appeal isn’t quite universal. Only a select few products check every box for all of us. 

The Porter Mug from W&P Design is just such a product.

There are so many “distinct” water bottle and mug options that it’s impossible to keep up. Something about the Porter feels different. It's like other mugs are fast fashion and the Porter is timeless. It’s everything a really great travel mug should be but I love three things about the Porter specifically:

1. We’ve had it in the store for a long time. Even as some other options have come and gone the Porter has been a consistent seller, loved by customers and staff alike. After so many years in this industry I know the importance of that kind of staying power. 

If something is popular for a month, it will probably be popular for at least that season. If it’s still popular after a year, then you know it’s real. People aren’t just buying it because they saw an influencer holding it on the beach somewhere. They are buying it because they saw their best friend take it to work every day for the past year and rave about it. 

2. The materials. It just feels amazing. This is one of those instances where it kills me that we aren’t in a physical store because pretty much all it takes for someone to want a Porter mug in person is to have them pick it up. The weight is perfect. It’s not clunky and heavy like steel mugs. The way the silicone sleeve over the ceramic feels in your hands is so comforting. Honestly I searched for the right word there for a few minutes but that’s what it is. I don’t really know how to explain how a mug (and not the contents) can feel comforting but this one does. 

3. It’s distinctly not distinct. It doesn’t have some crazy shape or loud colors. Honestly I don’t know how long it keeps things hot or cold for but it’s long enough. I don’t know why you need your coffee to still burn you six days later anyway.  It’s just elegant, classic, and brings me joy every time I use it. 

I have a lot of love for W&P products in general but the Porter Mugs really stand out as one of the favorite items of our whole team past and present. Grab one today, you won’t be disappointed!



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