What To Get Dad

I've been slinging gifts for a decade and a half now and there is an almost universal answer to "who is the hardest person in your life to buy a gift for."


I have some theories about why dads are so hard to shop for which would probably distract from this so we'll just say "communication" and move on. But it's true, dads are notoriously hard to get gifts for. It seems like one half would rather use the same trade show tote bag from 35 years ago before he'd buy a bag he actually wants to use and the other half will just buy whatever they want for themselves. As a group they don't seem especially good at "dropping hints" around gift occasions. 

So what makes a good Father's Day gift? In the end I think most dads are looking for validation that they did / are doing a good job at being a dad. The more specific a memory you can dial in on with a gift the better. Unlike other holidays where it's usually all about the gift recipient themselves, Father's Day is really about the two of you, or whatever the grouping may be. Finding a gift that represents something important to the both of you (again or him and the kids depending on the ages and gift giver) is best. 

With that in mind, here is the biggest Father's Day Gift Guide we've ever assembled. I hope something in here rings a bell from the past and connects you with a memory you'd love to relive. 

Father's Day Card - First up is the card. Honestly if you nail the card you can probably stop there. Maybe I shouldn't say that but it's true. A good heartfelt message in the card is the thing dad wants most. We have a great selection of Father's Day cards but don't forget to check out our Thank You and Love sections for ideas as well. 

Nation Parks Candle - These end up serving a bunch of needs. Whether you have a camping history, a specific National Park or even something in one of the states these are a great jumping off point. Then just retell the story in the card and you'd solid. 

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit - Camp cocktails make elevating your home drink experience easy and fun. Just add 12 oz of your favorite spirit and throw it in the fridge for a few days. These work great with a bottle from your favorite local distillery. 


DIY Wooden Globe - A globe you build yourself out of wood is pretty much one of the daddest dad gifts imaginable. This amazingly intricate puzzle globe will create an end product he'll be truly proud of, just like you. Yeah you can use that. 

Field Notes - Dads LOOOOVE field notes. We have a bunch of different styles, I just happen to love this style. 

Here Comes Cool Dad Socks - These are funny and, believe it or not, consistently one of our best sellers. They make a good combo with the book "My Dad Used To Be So Cool" which is really a children's book but startlingly autobiographical for me and I am guessing a lot of dads can relate. 

Bergamot + Grapefruit Bath Bomb - Dad wants to be pampered too. This one is my favorite scent of our current lineup but check out our whole section of bath bombs. 

Emotional Barometer - Help dad understand his feelings with the emotional barometer. 

Chips Mug - Remember that tote bag... well joke is probably generous, but comment from earlier? I'd almost guarantee your dad has at least on promotional mug in his cabinet that needs to move on. I love replacing little things in my life with objects that bring me joy when I use them and this specific mug is one of those for me. Consider adding in some coffee beans or tea from somewhere you've enjoyed together. 
M8 Enamel Mug - These mugs are gorgeous and come in an array of great colors. 
Terra-cotta Cactus Kit - These are pretty fool proof to grow and take care of and they look beautiful. There is even a pretty on-the-nose lead in to the card message to accompany about being easier to raise or prickly or however you want to play it. 
Frank Stella Puzzle - We have a MASSIVE puzzle selection so if your dad is into puzzles we almost certainly have something that appeals to him. I didn't really pick this one for any reason other than knowing a lot of dads that are into modern art for whatever reason. But this is another category where finding something indicative of a location, subject, artist or theme could make a meaningful connection. 
Pioneer Woody - Go all out and get your dad the ultimate dad car! Or at least a little version to put on his shelf. 
Every Damn Day Banner - We have a TON of great banners and pennants for every dad in your life. I like this one because being a dad requires fairly equal parts love and tenacity. 
Collapsable Coffee Dripper - This is another good one to add in with a mug and bag of beans from somewhere that connects you. Maybe you're just trying to upgrade him from his Mr. Coffee and Folgers. Side note, no judgement on that mode of coffee either. I feel like I've read several essays or articles espousing the joy found in less pretentious coffee that have been a gateway to memories of endless hours spent in all-night diners with friends in my younger years. 
Kauffmann Guide - This is a beautiful and handy guide to doing all sorts of things. 
Mexican Citrus Juicer - This is simply one of the most beautiful things in our shop. If your dad is into good looking kitchen stuff, that's meant to be left out, this is a safe bet. If you're breaking the budget this year, maybe consider a nice bottle of Tequila to accompany. 
Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen - I absolutely love Kaweco pens. I give so many of these as gifts. Like the mug, it's one of those things thats relatively inexpensive and turns a mundane task like writing a check or signing something, into a joy. I chose this one because it's the color I refer to as "dad green" but we have just about every color imaginable. If you think a fountain pen might be a stretch for your dad they come in ballpoint versions too. 
Brass Sport Pen - If the plastic body doesn't strike your fancy and a slightly higher budget is in the cards for you, the brass sport is stunning. There are studies that prove things like heavy books literally make the information seem more important. Probably not a stretch to suggest that would extend to pens. Like the other model this comes in both fountain and ballpoint. 
Beer Making Kit - Help dad live out his brewmaster fantasies. As an added benefit this gives you everything you need to create one of the best IPAs out there. Grab him a Sixpack of Punk IPA while your add it so he can compete with himself to see how close he can get. 
Easier Than A Kid Planter - Did you give dad a hard time growing up? Are you buying something for your husband and just exiting a the nightmare of unexpected homeschooling or hybrid learning last year? This is the planter for you. 
The Greatness Of Dads - This s a beautiful and heartwarming book that belongs on every dad's bookshelf or coffee table. 
The Book Of Building Fires - This is a good looking and helpful little book. I am notoriously terrible at building fires. If you have a dad in your life that is as well and you have some campfire mishaps in your history this will go over well. 
Lavatory Mist - This one probably doesn't need a lengthy description. 
Zen Tea Infuser - Easy to use and handsome little bottle that lets you steep your tea on the go. 

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